Mission Statement


Mercy Home for Boys & Girls is a Catholic organization answering the Gospel call to minister to children and families in need.


Mercy Home:


  • Saves young lives by providing:
  • A safe, nurturing residential treatment home,
  • AfterCare support for former residents and their families,
  • Community-based and site-based youth mentoring,
  • Promotes therapeutic, educational, vocational, spiritual and life skill development,
  • Is committed to raising public awareness of youth in need and encourages support to help them,
  • Is sustained by benefactors who believe in the miracle of God’s mercy in action.


We provide a home


Most of us grew up in a safe and stable home where we had shelter, food, clothing, and safety. But a home provides more than just these basics. A home offers us love, laughter, and belonging. A home promises nurturing and growth. A home is where we are seen and heard.


Mercy Home for Boys & Girls offers kids a real home. A place where they can grow into successful men and women who will one day create loving homes for their own families.


As a Catholic children’s charity based in Chicago, we’re dedicated to changing the future for the boys and girls, ages of 9-21, who turn to us for help in their most critical hour.


We save young lives


Mercy Home gives the young people in its full-time care the tools they need to develop as people, as students, and as contributing members of society. We also assist hundreds more by connecting them to a vast network of accredited professional service-agencies throughout metropolitan Chicago.


We partner with our children’s families to promote emotional and psychological healing. And, we are committed to raising the public’s awareness about children in need. In short, we save children’s lives–thanks to the support that you share with us.